Innove Decor offers interior and exterior design and execution services for residential and commercial spaces. Currently, we are operational in Pune only. We are planning on expansion ofour services in other cities of Maharashtra and across India.

No, we do not charge for above services. They are free of cost. However, if you only need a finalized design and no execution, you need to pay equivalent charges. For more information about step by step process, kindly visit, How it works

The detailed discussion about each aspect of your dream space will be carried out in our meetings before finalization of the design. We will understand your dreams, requirements andbudgets. Then we will suggest different ideas and share perspectives from our side. The final decision about everything will be yours.

We do not avail extra charges for any number of revisions done before the finalization of the design. The revisions will be done until you are completely satisfied with the designs. However, the revisions following the design finalization stage will be chargeable. Kindly note that the revisions after the design finalization stage will be carried out whenever our designers are available, as they are working on number of other projects.

There are two types of packages available: Gold and Premium. Based on your requirements and budgetary constraints, there are different types of materials used in each package. Gold is an economical package, while premium is luxurious and high-budget package. For more information, contact us

Manufacturing of necessary accessories, furniture, and equipment will be carried out at our manufacturing facility. However, the installation will be carried out at your workplace/home.

The timeline of each project varies depending upon the extent of each project. The timeline for each project will be discussed after the finalization of the design and we assure you that the project will be successfully executed within the timeline.

We provide different payment options such as cash, NEFT, RTGS, and cheque. You can make the payment through any of the mentioned options that are suitable and convenient for you.

As per our company protocol, we do not provide refund to the advanced amount.

We regret that we will not be able to play a part in realizing someone’s dream and need to part ways in between. Yes, you reserve the right to terminate the ongoing project at any stage. However, this can be done only through a written notice. The charges corresponding to the stage at which the project has been terminated need to be paid by you.

InnoveDecor holds all the copyrights for the designs, drawings, and innovative work.

We, at InnoveDecor, consider realizing your dreams as our responsibility and we will take all the necessary efforts for it. In addition, we are responsible for understanding your dreams and requirements, suggesting different design ideas, explaining all the finalized designs to contractors and concerned parties, and clarifying all your queries during each step of the process.
  • Innove Decor is not responsible for any part or entire liabilities related to contractors or vendors and any act performed by them that is not in accordance with our finalized drawings and designs.
  • Each part of the designs needs to be understood by the client and contractors/vendors.
  • In case, there are any concerns or issues regarding designs, clarifications need to be asked to our designers before finalization.
  • Owing to lack of clarifications of doubts or inappropriate understanding,the executed project may seem different to the client in comparison to the finalized design.
  • However, we are not responsible for the mistakes or different perception of the design by the client.
  • All the queries and clarifications regarding the design must be asked before beginning of the execution stage.
  • If there are any discrepancies found in the design, the clients and contractors need to bring them to the notice of Innove Decor executives.
  • Innove Decor is not responsible for any changes the client wishes to make after the execution of the finalized design.